Monday, 11 July 2016

Gift #641

Did you try any of the 6 things for daily happiness?

Writing a gratitude journal is my personal favourite as it has the capacity to radically change our belief system.

We can think of our belief system as the house we live in, as the structure of our mind which tells us how to operate, what we should or shouldn't be doing. There are a lot of those structures that become distorted over the years.

Let's say for instance that we have anger. Some time back then we constructed the belief that the anger would help us get what we wanted or would somehow protect us from being hurt. That anger is a way to push things away that are a threat or to control people that might harm us.

You could say the beliefs behind that, way back then when we learnt that these were good behaviors, that these were supportive behaviors, that these were things we could do to help us get what we wanted. These were structured as beliefs and they started to build up the walls and the structure in the mind that we live by. Over time we may not be totally aware of those reactions caused by such beliefs.

And changing them can be a little bit challenging, even when we recognize we don't want them anymore, because they're built on walls that we established years and years ago - that structure in that house of beliefs.

One approach to change them is to go, sit on that house and watch, and it's a very passive approach, it's kind of approach of Zen monks. And we can sit there so long that that whole world we used to structure and live by fades away as we meditate and become the observer.

The second approach to use is to start building another house, and start creating a structure of beliefs, a whole new point of view, a whole different way of expressing ourselves, that doesn't involve the same anger approach, where we can create our own emotions, we can feel good and we don't have to cry out for help to protect us from emotional pain, because we create a realm of emotions, new belief structure, that gives us immunity from emotional pain and feeling rejection.

Building that other house is very much a part of this gratitude exercise. This helps us in establishing the very emotionally safe paradigm for us to take apart the core beliefs structures in a much faster way, from emotionally safe vantage point. And it also builds an “observer” point of view, that helps us step out of the reaction, the story, the momentum of emotion that it's often associated with.

Eventually it helps us take the third approach to changing beliefs structure by going into the house of existing core beliefs and pulling it apart.

Hence we find that thankful people are always happy!!

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach

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