Friday, 1 January 2016

Gift #449

The purpose of life is to be happy. We only want to do things that make us happy. The simple fact that everything we do correlates in some way back to happiness, makes it the single most compelling explanation of the human experience.

Success, fame, pleasure, enlightenment, forgiveness, love, travelling, learning, wisdom, or even masochistic pain and revenge...All these seem to be different ways in which people pursue their happiness.

All the things we do, we do as a result of wanting to feel the emotion of happiness.

In 2016 lets start with the  simplest expression of Happiness.. SMILE!!!
Let's Bring smile on someone's face.😃 Let's make people happy.😃
Let's Spend time, Listen, Make calls, Donate, Play, Cook, Serve, Pray, Visit...

Wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach

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