Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Gift #629

Completeness is not in time, and healing is not a destination.

Please, don't try to 'get over' anything or anyone!

You're only splitting yourself off from a part of yourself that needs kind attention!

Don't believe the biggest lie of all -  that you're supposed to be 'over' something 'by now'. That 'by now' you should be immune, or at least 'more enlightened'.

If you are over, then who is under? If you are 'better', then who is 'worse'?  If there is a goal, then who hasn't reached it yet? Don't split yourself in two!!!

Don't attempt to 'get over' your grief, your sorrow, your confusion, the empty feeling inside. Feel these totally, allow these sacred and misunderstood energies to move through you like tidal waves of grace. They are not 'negative', they are only parts of consciousness, fragments of the totality, that want to be felt deeply in your vastness. They have come to cleanse, not to punish. Stop naming them or judging them and feel their raw unbridled power. Don't compare yourself with anyone else! You are unique!

Flow with life's ancient and relaxed timeline, not the mind's urgent schedule. From the perspective of the Universe, there is no 'by now', there is only now, only what is alive in this moment.

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach

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