Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Gift #621

Last week we learnt Life lessons from a Yoga pose, importance of Happiness for good Health and how we can achieve it by a simple conversation with loved ones or by the practice of STOP mindfulness. We also tried to implement mindfulness while we TASTE food with joy.

Today I would like to share a bit more about a few daily habits to develop 3 main qualities to boost our Happiness levels...

1. *Courage*
Its very important that we face our fears: Hiding from fear makes it worse. Face it and overcome it.
Habit to practice...
Whenever faced with a challenging situation think like the soldiers
“I’m scared, but I can learn from this,” or “This is a test that’s going to make me stronger.”

2. *Optimism*
Looking on the bright side certainly keeps us going. But what's more interesting is that we are not talking about delusional, pollyanna-style, rose-colored glasses here.
Habit to develop each day..
Balance a positive outlook with a realistic view of the world. Most important don't be in denial. See the world clearly but believe in your abilities.

3. *Keep Learning*
Keep your brain sharp and it will give you solutions when you need them most.
Daily habit to develop...
Keep growing the mind, learning to learn, and adapting to new information about the world is something which makes us life long learners.

Apart from these 3 qualities, refer to the image for top 3 actions and attitudes to have Happiness Unlimited.

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach

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