Friday, 24 June 2016

Gift #624

Everyone needs to STOP for Happiness amidst their daily work.

How exactly to STOP?

If you really want to STOP and wake up in the middle of your daily life then ask yourself these questions as you go through the activities of the day...

Activity Example:
"I am folding clothes."

1. Is it true "I am folding clothes"?
2. Am I absolutely sure it is true that "I am folding clothes"?
(The answer could be "yes" or "no" to these questions. Go with whatever feels true)
3. What happens when I believe the thought "I am folding clothes"?
(Feel what it feels like to believe this thought)
4. Who would I be without the thought "I am folding clothes"?
(Attentively notice what happens. Are you freer with, or without that thought?)

That's it. Repeat this process as you go through the day. You can ask all four questions to begin with, and once the process gets familiar, ask any one question that resonates. Keep at it until it becomes smooth and effortless to inquire on this way.

More Activity Examples:
"I am driving"
"I am eating"
"I am stressed"
"I am with my family"
"I am reading on this device"

This approach is based on and inspired by "The Work" of Byron Katie. It is an application of her four simple questions to directly investigating, encountering and challenging our stories and assumptions around our present experience.

This one of the most potent ways to STOP and be more mindful of the present. Play with it and see where it leads you.

Twinkle Thakkar
Happiness and Health Coach

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