Thursday, 16 June 2016

Gift #616

Anyone who believes in the theory of evolution (whatever version of it) understands that life is continuously bettering itself - through mutation / better organization / selection / adaptation.

Single cell organisms group together to become multicellular and create biodiversity. Organisms mutate based upon the climatic conditions and the availability of food - growing interdependently so that each one benefits from each other's growth, in myriad and sometimes unfathomable ways.

We also understand evolution by mutation by observing mosquitoes - who become immune to a new killer chemical as soon as it is used. Bacteria and virus do the same - by becoming resistant. We KNOW all this, and YET we don't trust that the trillions of cells that our body is made up of are also continuously mutating / evolving. They too are continuously adapting to whatever they are exposed to in the environment. They too are highly intelligent and efficient.

The fact is that our body cells are HIGHLY INTELLIGENT. They either find ways to eliminate anything which is harmful to their survival or digest it. They are continuously at it like zealous warrior scientists. The chemistry of a cell is forever in a flux - owing to its exposure to newer chemicals in its environment.

Then what is the cause most of our illness today?
The answer lies within us too.

As per Psychoneuroimmunology, a new branch of science that studies the mind-body connection, the thoughts and emotions that we choose get instantly transformed into chemicals flowing in our blood which provide nourishment to each and every cell of our body. These chemicals are, effectively, either self-administered injections of 'slow poisons' or of 'healing medicines' that eventually freeze into and become our physical states, i.e. Disease or Health.

Happiness makes us Healthy!!!

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach

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