Sunday, 19 June 2016

Gift #619

Love has a major impact on happiness. Everybody wants to be loved. This is a basic need right from the time we are born.

It starts because the child, the small child, cannot love, cannot say anything, cannot do anything, cannot give anything; but can only get. A small child’s experience of love is of getting: getting from the mother, getting from the father, getting from brothers, sisters, getting from guests, strangers – but always getting. So the first experience that settles deep in the unconscious is that s/he has to get love.

But the trouble arises because everybody has been a child, and everybody has the same urge to get love; nobody is born in any other way. So all are asking, “Give us love,” and there is nobody to give because the other person was also brought up in the same way.

One has to be alert and aware that just an incident of birth should not remain a constant prevailing state of the mind.

Rather than asking, “Give me love,” start giving love. Forget about getting, simply give – and this guarantees us that we will get much more.

Eventually what makes us happy is not the love that other people feel for us, but the love we feel for other people. And a mere 10m conversation with the   person we love can be our daily dose of happiness.

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach

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