Saturday, 4 June 2016

Gift #604

Want to boost your happiness levels?
Today we add another important quality to our list after courage, optimism, keep learning and gratitude. Its *LOVE!!!*

I need no special words to explain how love can boost happiness. So instead I would share how we can learn about Happiness from even a dog once we are lovingly connected to it.

You must have seen a dog shaking vigorously as though it was trying to get water out of its fur, when it was dry. This is a stress reaction in dogs - when they’re anxious about something, they literally shake it off.

Perhaps, we can try it on ourself too. When we feel a rush of stress about something, just do some jumping jacks. Shake yourself. It really works.

Love to explore the greatest happiness of existence!!!

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach

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