Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Gift #565

Today I come with this most empowering message which has the power to change our lives - our morning ritual - Imagine Waking Up Every Morning Consciously Creating The Day And Our Life Too!!!

Here are 3 simple rituals to start a Happy day...


How - Smile at whom? No one, just smile.

Why - Science suggest that when we smile whether we are happy or not, our mood is elevated and Happy Hormones are released in our bodies.

However the importance of this morning ritual is to remind ourselves that we are in charge of our emotions. This daily practice builds our emotional resilience which is most required in times of crisis and extreme stress.


How - Thank things/events/people with a reason either in thought, words or deeds.

Why - Studies suggest that with gratitude our emotional intelligence increases and makes the brain happy physically increasing its neuron density.

However the most important reason why I suggest this morning ritual is to empower ourselves that we can control where we focus our attention.


How - Actually smiling at the person who wakes up next to you or send a "😊" to someone who cares.

Why - Our happiness depends on the happiness of those we are connected to. Sharing happiness creates a positive feedback loop in our relationships.

Now again the real reason for this morning habit is to ensure that we have a companion to practice these daily rituals until they become a habit, just like our morning walk partner.

To win a marathon is challenging for a person who can hardly walk a mile. Same ways to come out of an emotional turmoil is challenging for a person who hasn't yet developed emotional resilience.

However its only during difficult times that people wish not to feel the unpleasantness of the situation or desperately want Happiness. When we practice our free will to choose our emotion and where we focus our attention on normal days, it becomes easier to do the same in stressful situations.

These simple exercise may seem like it won't have much affect on the emotions we want to change, so let me remind you that to read and understand this message you too had to learn A, B, C, D first. Our mind may come up with many reasons and justifications for not doing any of these simple morning rituals. That is the same mind that has probably gotten us previous results, so if you are ready for a shift NOW then I would wait for your "😊" messages each morning.

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach

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