Thursday, 21 April 2016

Gift #560

Today I share a dozen mantras to meet the events of our life in a more positive ways....

1. Cancel: To end complaining and virus thoughts

2. How Wonderful: To appreciate whatever happens and see what is good in it

3. Thank You: When repeated many times evokes a deep sense of gratitude

4. This Too Shall Pass: Reminds us that everything changes and that each moment of life is unique and precious

5. Oh Well: Brings us back to acceptance of what is and resets our expectations. Another way of saying this is "It is as it is!"

6. Bring It On: The powerful mantra of a spiritual warrior who knows that all problems and challenges dissolves as soon as we welcome and embrace them

7. Be Happy: An inner wish we generate when meeting anyone. Another version is "I wish you happiness" or the Hindi phrase "Sukhi Ho, Mangal Ho!", or may you be happy and well

8. Is It True? : Evokes curiosity, wonder and the willingness to question our own thoughts and beliefs, which deepens our wisdom

9. No One Owes Me Anything: A reminder that everyone is living in their own cute little world with their own cute little priorities and perspectives. No one owes us anything. We are the ones we have been waiting for

10. Tell Me More: The gateway words for deeper, more authentic and meaningful conversations and an indicator of the gift of deep listening

11. Maybe You're Right, Maybe It's True: A good thing to say when we don't fully agree with someone but don't want to get into a big discussion either. It's also called agreeing to disagree

12. Not Knowing: An inner reminder and invitation to let go of assumptions, expectations and be agenda-less

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach

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