Friday, 1 April 2016

Gift #540

Thanks a lot to your amazing responses to the last message about choosing money or happiness in your job.

Today I would like to share about the 3 different types of happiness when it comes to job, professional work or business.

1. Pleasure

"Feel good Happiness"

Thats the type of happiness we feel when we get the nice huge paycheck. It gives us the extended experience of happiness of attending an amazing concert, enjoying a fun night out, or eating at our favorite restaurant – this type of happiness is ok (often times great) but is also short-lived. We might experience a spike of happiness but after the bank balance dwindles or after the concert, party, or meal we are right back where we started. People who depend on pleasure as their sole resource of happiness often can’t keep up and find themselves always chasing the next high.
Example - Most corporate jobs with high payouts

2. Passion

“Flow & Engagement”

A project for work, a blog post, your first job responsibility this is the type of happiness that we feel when we work really, really hard on something we care about, and finish it. This is more intense and longer lasting than the previous happiness.
Example - A business venture or a creative job

3. Purpose

“Feeling Part of Something Bigger Than Ourself”

Feeling like we are an important part of a great team, company, group or mission – this is the type of happiness we feel when we truly understand the why behind what we do. We feel needed, appreciated, and that the work we are doing has a sense of purpose. This is the strongest level of happiness and also the longest lasting.
Example - Armed forces

It’s easy for us to get stuck chasing pleasure as our source of happiness. And that makes sense. It’s the easiest to find and we love that short blast of happiness. However, this strategy just isn’t sustainable or even effective. If you truly want to experience happiness focus on passion and purpose. There is absolutely nothing wrong with short term pleasure, but let that be the seasoning – not the main course.

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach

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