Sunday, 24 April 2016

Gift #563

In a relationship, “connection” is the most important element, but it can happen only when our frequencies are in alignment. If you have ever tuned into a radio program, you would know that as we get closer in frequency to a certain radio wavelength, at first we pick up the static - until the frequency matches and we can hear clearly. Similarly, in relationships, at first there is some static or mis-communication until the frequency matches. This requires energy, effort and willingness - also an ability to listen and remain sensitive to the other person’s frequency.

This kind of communication can happen when we truly listen to what others say and then understand them. One of the unaware assumptions we often make in relationships is that we “understand” others. In making this assumption, we have stopped listening closely to them. We hear the words or phrases that they say and assume that we know what is coming next. Our minds quickly project the story as we see it. We stop paying attention because we have already moved on to the conclusion our mind has come up with.

We may still hear their words, but our attention has gone on to forming our reply. By losing our attention to our own thoughts, we no longer have that connection of presence with the other.

Are you on the same wave-length with people you claim to care about?

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach

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