Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Gift #411

  • We all have our definition of Happiness. For some it might be simple sensory pleasures and for others it might be abundance or joy. In either case we need love and connection on a deeper level with self and others to share experience our kind of Happiness 
    Hence if one defines Happiness as simple sensory pleasures then the Relationship is a roller coaster ride with a lots of ups and downs depending on the happy or hurtful times spent together. 
    On the other hand if our Happiness is more firmly rooted within ourself and the awareness of Abundance, we tend to be less judgmental, more loving and tolerant of the other persons behavior. This helps us value the people who are always with us and we end up paying less focus on people who hurt or drain our emotional energy; eventually increasing our own Happiness. 
    Hence its important that we first focus on our definition of Happiness and then analyse the happiness quotient in our relationship. As rightly said... The most difficult 
    task is to make 
    everybody happy... The simplest 
    task is to be happy 
    with everyone... Purpose is same !! Spread Happiness !!! BE HAPPY BE HEALTHY 
    Twinkle Thakkar ✨ 
    Happiness and Health Coach