Sunday, 8 November 2015

Gift #395

  • The Happiness Myth:
    If we work hard and become successful, we will be happy.
    From a young age, most of us are taught that if we work hard, then we will be successful; and once we are successful, we will be happy. Most of us are completely guilty of this myth and live by what I call the 'when-then' mindset
    When I get an 'A', then I'll be happy.
    When I get this house, then I'll be happy.
    When I finish this program, then I'll be happy.
    We have this mindset all wrong. In fact, our ideas about happiness are completely backwards! More than 200 scientific studies on nearly 275,000 people found that people who start off happy are more likely to succeed; people who start off unhappy are more likely to fail. Here is the happiness truth:
    The Happiness Truth:
    If we are happy, we are more successful
    Happiness helps our productivity, our immune system, our creativity, our income and our effectiveness.
    Happiness gives us a huge competitive advantage-and it has great side-effects.

    Twinkle Thakkar ✨ 
    Happiness and Health Coach