Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Gift #369

  • Yesterday we understood how daily happy activities can rewire our brains and make us life long optimists. What should we do with unfavourable present situations and make ourselves happier even amidst them?

    The answer is INSTANT HAPPY!!! INSTANT HAPPY offers what Neural Psychology calls a “pattern interrupt.” Let’s say an event happens which puts you in a grumpy mood. If you’re not careful, your negative thoughts about this one solo circumstance can create a downward spiral, where you quickly go from merely thinking “This one thing sucks,” to “My whole day sucks,” to “My whole life sucks,” to “The world sucks,” to “Distant galaxies suck.” Basically, without a pattern interrupt, a sad person can get grumpier, and an angry person can get crankier.

    Staring at something yellow, walking on green grass, sniff lavender or vanilla, take a shower or go out in the sun are all INSTANT HAPPY ideas.

    Twinkle Thakkar ✨ 
    Happiness and Health Coach