Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Gift #447

I am sure we all wish to feel this JOY within us. We often think of happiness as something we need to pursue, but researchers may suggest otherwise. It turns out that joy isn't as elusive as we think -- in fact, it is something we can cultivate on our own.

"We don't really think of happiness as a skill, but everything we've learned about the brain suggests that it's no different than learning to play the violin or learning to engage in a complex sport," Richard Davidson, a renowned neuroscientist, said. "If you practice at it, you'll get better at it."

So practice it with the New Year with this unique 21 DAYS HAPPINESS CHALLENGE....

The challenge consists of 5 activities that you commit to doing everyday for 21 days (that’s only 3 weeks… you can do anything for 3 weeks).

1. Record 3 new things that you’re grateful for (this will rewire your brain to recognize and look for the positive)
2. Journal about one positive experience  (this will help your brain to relive that positive memory in lieu of the negative or embarrassing ones which tend to take up space in our heads)
3. Exercise (this teaches your brain that your behaviour matters. The key with this is to do manageable amounts of exercise every day (one day could – and should – be a stretching day). You don’t want to burn yourself out. You’re teaching yourself discipline, and proving to yourself that you can follow through on your promises)
4. Meditation (this will help you to get over the cultural ADHD that exists all around us, and will allow your body and mind to focus on the task at hand).
5. Random Acts of Kindness (when you open your e-mail, or twitter, or Facebook – write one positive post or e-mail that praises or thanks someone in your social support network….).

It’s a fantastic challenge. Just difficult enough to make a difference, but not so hard that it becomes daunting. Many of the components of this challenge take no time at all. It’s really more of an awareness thing.

Please reply with a YES or NO by 31st December.

Twinkle Thakkar ✨
Happiness and Health Coach

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